WebDynpro Flash Island via Google Maps – Flight Routes

WebDynpro Flash Island via Google Maps - Flight Routes

There are quite a few code samples of webdynpro flash islands using google maps available out there, but most of them just illustrate the basic concept of a flash island with some really simple map functionality. Since I’ve used google maps in previous flex projects it only make sense to combine it with webdynpro for a bit more complex flash island application.

WebDynpro functionality:

  • flight route search form via dynamically generated dropdowns for airline selection, cityfrom and cityto selection
  • search results illustrated in a webdynpro table
  • current selected flight route information illustrated in a group element

Flash island functionality:

  • dynamically place airport markers on the map based on webdynpro flight route information by asynchronously geocoding each airport location based on airport code, city, country.
  • ability to right click on an airport marker and to select that airport as the starting or ending point for a flight route in the webdynpro search form
  • dynamically create polylines for each available webdynpro flight route, visually connecting the airports based on flight routes between them (current webdynpro search results)
  • ability to click on a map polyline flight route and have it selected both in google maps and in webdynpro flight routes table
  • overall flex map optimization when a webdynpro search query is being performed: cashed geocoding from previous queries, flight route polyline reusage by toggling visibility on/off instead of recreating the entire map overlay for each search query.

Details on Flight Routes Flash Island:

  • google maps in flex: gecoding, creating and interacting with custom markers, creating and interacting with custom map polylines
  • flash island communication: achieving two way communication between a flex/flash application and its webdynpro container
  • dynamic dropdowns: creating dynamic dropdown options based on ddic data

Update: Complete source files can be downloaded from two zip files: flex archive and webdynpro archive. The webdynpro archive contains both a sap transport request and a saplink nugget.

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