Pivot Table Concept in Xcelsius – SWF Airline Report

Once the BEx query data is loaded into Xcelsius, an interactive list box gets initialized with possible airline options from a series of spreadsheet cells. List box data insertion functionality allows us to update a given spreadsheet cell with the current selected list box entry. All interactive elements from this report are based in one way or another to this single spreadsheet cell containing the current selected airline.

There are two spreadsheets in the Xcelsius report, Sheet1 containing data to be displayed in the Xcelsius report, Sheet2 containing the query data used to populate Sheet1 data.

Populating Sheet1 data is being done via SUMIF function. With this function we can calculate various key figures for just one airline, Sheet2 data containing key figures for all airlines. SUMIF allows adding of cell values only when a given condition is met. The Xcelsius list box insertion cell provides the condition for the SUMIF action. User selects an airline from the list box entries and the corresponding single airline charts will only show key values for that airline. A similar approach also involving SUMIF is used for creating the overall airline market share charts, with the note that in this case the airline entries are not based on list box selection but from predefined Xcelsius cells representing all the possible airline values. These values are also loaded via web services in the beginning.

The various charts present in this report show some of Xcelsius capabilities, they’re not meant to show strong correlations between various airline key figures. The top left chart represents a combination chart allowing for two or more value series to be displayed in different ways along the same coordinates. Showing different sets of data in different ways but within the same coordinates is an Xcelsius feature I’ve come to appreciate a lot.

All charts or single value display elements (dials, gauges) can be highly customized but the greatest feature in my opinion is the ability to create your own components in Flex. Having worked extensively in the past with Flex, I’m really looking forward to create some custom charts not available in Xcelsius at the moment.

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