Custom Xcelsius Add-On – Timeline Chart

Timeline Chart Xcelsius Add-on

Custom Xcelsius Add-on used for displaying large, chronological data sets. Examples can include daily stock variations, daily exchange rates spanning across multiple years.

This Xcelsius add-on is based on two charts (inheriting from the same custom class) linked together:
– Navigation chart. Shows all data scaled down to fit within chart boundaries. Allows for a given data segment to be selected.
– Zoom chart. Shows a scaled up version of the current selected data segment.

Timeline Chart does not use in any way the chart classes that are shipped with Flex Builder. The first version used Degrafa library for drawing but this cause a decrease in response time when quickly dragging the navigation chart on large data sets. As a result, all graphics related operations (lines, fills) are now handled directly using low level actionscript functions.

How it works.
Drag and resize the highlighted data segment from the bottom navigation chart. Two permanently visible tool tips show the current selected time interval start and end dates. All changes to the navigation chart are automatically reflected in the top zoom chart. Hovering the top zoom chart will give you additional information on current date/value pair. All elements are highly customizable via the add-on interface within Xcelsius.

Update 25-Jan-2010.
See the add-on in action here, the daily ECB exchange rate between Euro and USD for the last 1.5 years. Latest source code, archive containing the Xcelsius add-on are also available.

General Development Notes
Using the Add-On in Xcelsius

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