Using the Add-On in Xcelsius – Timeline Chart

All installed add-ons are available under Components -> Add-Ons. Drag the Timeline Chart add-on onto Xcelsius canvas, resize and position it as you see fit. Double clicking on it will bring up the component interface allowing you to skin it and specify chart source data.

The interface has 2 main sections:

1. General section.
Chart values and labels are specified here by selecting corresponding spreadsheet cells/columns. Cells representing chart labels need to be formatted as text, not as date. You can convert from date to text via excel text function, something like TEXT(A1,”dd-mmm-yyyy”).

2. Appearance section.
All elements controlling how the component gets displayed. You can modify:
– scaleY label precision as decimal points
– text font, size and color for all present text elements
– text pattern when showing current entry info, default being “Value of <value> on <label>”. At run time, <value> and <label> will get replaced with the current data entry value and label
– color related properties for top zoom chart, grid elements, bottom navigation chart: background color, fill color, fill transparency, fill border color.

After customizing the component, all you need to do is export it via File -> Export.

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