Cairngorm 3 with Parsley Application Framework – Facebook Photo Gallery

Parsley Application Framework - Facebook Photo Gallery

A modular flex application making use of both actionscript and javascript based Facebook APIs. Guidelines from the upcoming Adobe Cairngorm 3 (currently in beta) are being applied.

The project uses the following external flex libraries:

Parsley Application Framework.
Regarding the application design strategy I’ve chosen Parsley IOC framework because it contains some elements present in one form or the other in Cairngorm 1 and 2. For example, Parsley Command, CommandResult and CommandError tags represent the Command Class in former Cairngorm versions.

Spicelib Library.
This small AS3 library contains among other things a Task framework, highly useful when making asynchronous operations like making calls to the Facebook servers.

Facebook Actionscript API.
Used for making Facebook calls like getting the logged user personal public info, album and photo galleries. Login and logout calls are not covered here because the Facebook actionscript API can only implement them by redirecting the user to an external Facebook login page. User redirection is something to be avoided in general.

Facebook Connect Javascript API
Offers login and logout capabilities via dhtml popups not involving user redirection. The flex application makes use of this javascript based API via ExternalInterface.

All source code can be downloaded here. It contains the external libraries being used, all the actionscript and mxml files, ant build files.

Cairngorm 3 guidelines followed in this application
Parsley 2.2 and Spicelib 2.2 implementation details
Facebook.Connect javascript-flex communication
Build automation via Ant

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