Struts2 with SAP JCo3 and jQuery – Business Object Repository

Struts2 with SAP JCo3 and jQuery - Business Object Repository

Application similar to SAP BAPI transaction, showing various info about existing business objects and their methods (bapis). The end result is an ajax based html front-end capable of displaying the business object repository from an abap stack via java servlets.

jQuery Front-end
Everything happens in one main html page loading all bapi related content via ajax calls. The bapi tree component gets its data in json format, the detail and documentation sections get their data in html format. jQuery javascript library is being used extensively for both rendering various html elements and ajax data parsing.
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Struts2 Framework with SAP JCo3
Struts2 is being used as the application framework with a series of plugins like the convention and json plugin. Servlets get data from the ABAP stack via SAP Java Connector and return to front-end either json or html content. Front-end makes requests via GET parameters.
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ABAP Remote Function Modules
Custom dictionary structures and remote function calls for getting bapi related data.
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Source code: java , abap. Java archive contains both the src files and the deployed webapps directory without struts2 and jco external libraries. ABAP archive contains an SAP transport request with corresponding dictionary structures and function modules.

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