About Me

Having a strong web programing background, I mostly focus on developing rich internet applications via flex, java and abap. Over the last 8 years, I’ve been using php/java with mysql/postgresql/sqlite on server-side and flash/flex, javascript, dhtml on client-side. Sporadically used Perl and .NET.

I’ve started as a freelancer and slowly built my own small development team with earlier projects listed under flopen.com (english) and creativc.ro (romanian). During the last few years, I’ve focused more and more on actionscript flash/flex development coordinating the actionscript teams in some relatively large international projects. Locally, in collaboration with an accounting company, I’ve managed the development team for economis.ro doing some of the flex coding myself. Economis is an adobe AIR application used for managing invoices, cash registers, sales reports and so on.

Current main activity
During the last year I’ve got interested and started focusing on abap programming and how it can be combined with java and flex to deliver rich enterprise applications in an efficient, cost effective manner.


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