MVC Package Structure – Custom Data Explorer

In most programming languages (that I’ve used anyway) packaging is directly related to directory structure. ABAP is different in this aspect and has its own particularities. Since almost everything related to SAP is stored within a database, including source code, we can’t talk about defining package structures with the help of directory structures. We have to manually create them. Continue reading MVC Package Structure – Custom Data Explorer

MVC Class Structure – Custom Data Explorer

Using an MVC approach you have a model holding all data, a controller manipulating the data and a view displaying the data. This way you can isolate business logic (controller) from business data (model) and  display logic (view). Each of the three elements can be developed and tested independently. For example,  making a change in business logic won’t affect in any way the existing model or views. It allows you to  easily maintain or enhance existing applications. Continue reading MVC Class Structure – Custom Data Explorer

Importing/Exporting Development Objects

Whether you want to transport your abap developmnents from one system to another, make backups or share code, you have several options to choose from:

  1. Code download and upload via ABAP Editor
  2. SAP Transport Requests with full import/export capabilities in cofile and data format.
  3. SAPLink – an open source project (not provided or supported by SAP) with partial import/export capabilities in XML format.

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Crossdomain Policy File in SAP Web Application Server

Consuming web services in flex from a SAP system can lead to flash player security sandbox violations. Most of the time you have the flex application on one domain and the
R/3 system on another. This results in the following error being thrown: Request for resource at * by requestor from * file is denied due to lack of policy file
permissions. Continue reading Crossdomain Policy File in SAP Web Application Server

SICF and Web Service Management

By default, a clean ABAP sap stack does not have all available services activated due to security reasons. If you start creating web services you’ll find out some things don’t work out of the box. Note: I’ve encountered this on SAP ABAP stack v7.x.

You can create a web service from SE80 Object Navigator but chances are:

  • you can’t open its wsdl in a browser or make it available to external web service consumers
  • you can’t open SOAMANAGER to fully manage the web service

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PDFDriver Library

Flex is not that great when you want to print multiple pages combined content. Things like multiple datagrids intercalated with textfields for example. Add the requirement for a header and a footer and things start getting really complicated. Maybe you also need to have an identification element like a watermark on each page beneath the actual page content…

PDFDriver can handle all of the above. It makes use of two open source libraries (alivepdf and flexreport) and adds a little magic of its own.
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