Google Maps in Flex – Flight Routes

Main application mxml is ZSAB_ISL_SPFLIGHT following an ABAP like naming convention. Everything is built on two variables shared between flex and webdynpro: flightList and currentFlight. Every time they get updated, the map overlays get updated as well.
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Crossdomain Policy File in SAP Web Application Server

Consuming web services in flex from a SAP system can lead to flash player security sandbox violations. Most of the time you have the flex application on one domain and the
R/3 system on another. This results in the following error being thrown: Request for resource at * by requestor from * file is denied due to lack of policy file
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PDFDriver Library

Flex is not that great when you want to print multiple pages combined content. Things like multiple datagrids intercalated with textfields for example. Add the requirement for a header and a footer and things start getting really complicated. Maybe you also need to have an identification element like a watermark on each page beneath the actual page content…

PDFDriver can handle all of the above. It makes use of two open source libraries (alivepdf and flexreport) and adds a little magic of its own.
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